The Awakened Brotherhood

A group training and mentorship with Tobin Zivon and Eli Bernstein
Photo of Tobin Zivon
Photo of Eli Bernstein
For men devoted to the path of
embodied awakening and empowered loving
Begins October, 2021


Group of men uniting their hands
“Working with Tobin as a mentor and men’s group leader has been one of the most transformative experiences of my entire life!"

The path of actually LIVING in a genuinely healthy, empowered, deeply embodied, and truly awake way can be extremely challenging… AND…attempting to do it alone in this modern day world can prove to be literally impossible!! For these reasons, we have created what we feel is the:

Ultimate teaching program and support system designed for men who want to live in deep, conscious ways while also embodying their full potency as wholly-alive sexually-empowered beings.

This will be a life-changing journey, and it is only for those who are truly ready and fully committed to rising to this new level of authenticity, embodied potency, and freedom in their lives, intimate relationships and beyond!

In The Awakened Brotherhood, you will become an integral part of a ‘sacred order’
a community of true-hearted brothers-in-arms
where we will learn, evolve and grow together on the path of embodying ourselves as “Jedi’s” in the arts of Life and Love.
Tobin’s strong intention for this group is to create a tribe of the most sincere men ~ a “Dojo” of sorts where you will receive:
  • A blend of high level spiritual awakening and embodiment teachings
  • Training on how to experience true Emotional Alchemy as you navigate and evolve through the waves of Life
  • Confidence and practice in the conscious arts of “Dating, Mating and Sacred Relating”
  • Fun & deep, catalytic masculine tantric embodiment/sex mastery skills
  • Direct transmissions of a truly awake way of being in the world
  • Attuned and masterful mentorship to your unique journey as a man of Truth and Love
  • AND … a STELLAR group of soul brothers - all vetted by Tobin and Eli so you will be held in a very safe, POWERFUL container ripe for accelerated evolution and healing.
“Since joining the Awakened Brotherhood, I feel way more connected to Source, nature, myself, my wife, my friends, joy, and all the love in my life."
“Two lions bowing their heads affectionately towards each other”
If you feel at all inspired, you are invited to join master teacher and renowned relationship expert Tobin Zivon, master bodyworker and soul guide Eli Bernstein, and solid soul brothers for this custom-tailored training program designed to give you the tools, insights, practices, and community for a whole new, high level way of loving and living that you always hoped was possible.


As a part of this ‘Sacred Jedi order’ you will:

  • Be given the training to walk through the world feeling powerful and capable, offering your Gifts, living with full Purpose.
  • Learn invaluable skills to create deep, long-term relationships that are based in the spirit of true Freedom and Love, leading to a truer kind of relationship-satisfaction than most men have ever known.
  • Discover subtle communication tools as well as HIGH LEVEL SEXUAL SKILLS to create a whole new paradigm of pleasure, potency, sublime fun and freedom in your intimate connections.
  • Learn to offer the kind of healthy masculine attunement and solidity that allows the feminine to open fully with you - surrendering with her entire body, heart and mind.
  • Skillfully deal with emotions such that true Alchemy and your soul’s highest evolution in this life can occur.


What’s Included

  • Twice monthly classes with Tobin & Eli (via Zoom Video Conferencing)
    Here you will receive the trainings, teachings, and practices that will catalyze your life in all the ways described above.
  • Private online community group
    This is space where we deepen and continue the camaraderie, connection, trust and true support
  • Twice a month
    “Jedi Knights of the Round Table” ZOOM CALL WITH SMALLER SUPPORT GROUPS This is a bi-weekly zoom peer-led dojo call facilitated by Awakened Brotherhood “Pillar-men” from prior Awakened Brotherhood groups
  • One-on-one allyship calls
    You will be connected directly with a ‘Sacred Wingman’ / holding each other as brothers in arms and allies for the journey we embark on together
  • One deep-dive personal session with Eli
    during the semester to meet your specific transformational needs
“I view Tobin as a placeholder for the evolution of consciousness on the entire planet."

Total Investment

$1,200 for a semester of support, training and profound comraderie
(Some scholarships and payment plans available.)


Two hands cupping a candle in the dark

If you are a heart-centered, conscious man, a man of high integrity devoted to living the deepest, most awakened truth of your existence…AND

  • you yearn to live from your full power and give your authentic gifts to the world
  • you want to express the full-spectrum’d nature of your healthy sexual and relational potential
  • you long for life based in Being, Wholeness and FULLY expressed Love
We are with you!
“Tobin’s teaching and embodiment is like another level beyond David Deida.“

And we cordially invite you to apply to join the next semester-long journey of training, mentorship, support and guidance on how to engage artfully as a man on a true path of embodied awakening and empowered loving in this modern day world.

There is already a truly AWESOME group of MEN signed on for this high-caliber mentorship program!

A few openings remain, so if you feel a resonance with what’s being shared here, and you want to be a part of this deeply potent brotherhood that will inspire your soul and change your life forever, we encourage you to apply today.

Join The Awakened Brotherhood and gain the kind of support and guidance you’ve always yearned for.

~Tobin & Eli

Call or Text Tobin:

(415) 283 - 8925 OR email Tobin directly at: (with the subject line “Awakened Brotherhood”) to set up your interview call.

Call or Text Eli:

(928) 380 - 0444 OR email Eli directly at: (with the subject line “Awakened Brotherhood”) to set up your interview call.


Once you have had an interview with Eli or Tobin
send your payment using Venmo to

We very much look forward to taking the Journey with you!


Tobin Zivon

Tobin Zivon

Tobin has been described as “the ultimate Guide… An exquisite blend of therapist, coach, spiritual teacher and Tantra master all wrapped into one.”

He is best known as a powerful catalyst for deep transformation, embodied awakening and for helping people make massive breakthroughs in their lives and love relationships.

He is the author of “The Art of Mindful Living: ‘You Can’t Stop the Waves, But You Can Learn to Surf,’ and the forthcoming book, “Allies in Awakening: Living the Truth of Unconditional Love in Intimate Relationships”, and has been teaching groups, couples, and individuals for over 20 years.

You can learn more about Tobin at

Eli Bernstein

Eli Bernstein

Eli is a living example of the value of this work, having embodied the Awakened Brotherhood practices as a senior student and witnessed the profound benefits to other students of offering a role that is somewhere between a peer and a teacher. His presence transmits the message to students: ‘this path is real, achievable and will truly transform your life’. Eli is a master bodyworker/somatic healer, soul guide, poet, and spiritual coach.

For more information about Eli see his website


“Working with Tobin as a mentor and men’s group leader has been one of the most transformative experiences of my entire life! His level of attunement and high level guidance has led me to deep peace and safety in my life as a whole. Tobin has helped me heal deep parts of my trauma, shadow, and wounding while simultaneously activating essential aspects of my true self (including my tantric potency as a healthy, integral man). Tobin’s teachings and the Awakened Brotherhood have me inspired and truly supported to live my authentic, empowered, and joy-filled life.”

~ Craig W.

“Tobin is a master and a master teacher. He is exquisite in his embodiment of the Divine Masculine… a true King… open, available, powerful, potent, incredibly stunning. I’ve never seen another man embody such a kingly, regal, essential, sexy way of being.”

~ Juna Mustad (Author, Intuitive, and Relationship Coach)

“I have met many teachers, healers, sages and those who were called enlightened in my life. And, I have not seen them knowing how to walk their talk in their lives as fully as Tobin does. I only hope more men can learn to be in so much depth of clarity, presence and heart. And, it’s my deep prayer for many more women to experience what it really means to be loved, honored, respected, and held as unconditionally and skillfully as Tobin does.”

~ Julia Mikk (World Renowned Workshop Leader)

“Men, listen up. Tobin’s ability to embody his masculine, honor his feminine and live from a place of integrity and heart has been truly healing to me. In many ways, he brings a next level paradigm to his relating. It’s real and it honors who you are. It honors your desire for freedom, yet your natural desire for intimacy. He’s carved a pathway to living freely, fully and with deep meaning.

He’s navigated this and now offers himself as a guide and ally on the path. What’s even more refreshing, is that Tobin brings authenticity to the places he is still growing - and he does so with devotion and trust.

If you’re wanting a new way of relating that honors the core of who you are and opens you to what your soul truly wants - Tobin’s your guy.

It’s a game changer. Thank you, Tobin.”

~ Julie M. (Teacher and Intuitive Guide)

“My work with Tobin has been Profound! My life is forever transformed. He saw the depths of me, transcendent of any method or approach… And he gave me the tools to live this truth Both in myself and in my connections with women. I am now living an extremely satisfying experience of love and intimacy.”

~ Jeff Mool (Counselor and Therapist)

Tobin you are f*cking astounding. My entire life has been entirely different ever since my first call with you. You gave me clean water and a breath of fresh air when I was in a dark and confusing place. I’m eternally grateful for everything you’ve given me. It brings tears to my eyes. You are a light in a very dark tunnel. I’m so grateful for you!!”

“Tobin you are able to meet the impossible challenges with so much grace and depth. It’s truly amazing.”

“I view you as a placeholder for the evolution of consciousness of the whole entire planet. I feel like people who come into your presence have their entire life uplifted and healed. The work you do is so f*cking important - and not easy. It’s immensely powerful to work with you.”

“Thank you Tobin for staying so humble in a world full of “egoic healers”. It’s a testament to the work you’re able to do. There’s no way you would have be able to reach me if I had felt that, and I am so grateful.

“The Awakened Brotherhood has been an absolutely instrumental part of my life since the moment it began. It’s hard for me to imagine life without it!! The container Tobin creates for men is extremely special, unique, safe, and sacred. Tobin weaves together presence, masculinity, softness, awareness, and compassion together in a very poignant way. Men’s work is powerful, but the Awakened Brotherhood is more than that. Tobin’s energy and mastery in the group solidifies a certain transformation that is so poignant. Since joining AB, I feel way more connected to Source, nature, myself, my wife, my friends, joy, and all the love in my life. I would highly recommend having Tobin as a guide, especially if you currently feel unfulfilled or like something is missing in your life. Thank you SO MUCH TOBIN!” ~ Paul K.

“Tobin has this amazing combo of providing a true net of safety while also bringing an engaged, vibrant quality to meet the really hard stuff of being human. Tobin truly embodies the path of being part of the world while also being deeply connected to the mystery and who we truly are. I am so grateful for Tobin and all the ways he has helped me become my true self. I highly HIGHLY recommend working with Tobin. There is so much value it’s hard to describe!”

~ Ezra B.